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Vlad@ 12:36am 03-24-2017
What whatttt!
Daniel@ 11:12pm 03-08-2017
This is pretty cool!!!
Shana N Crittenden@ 3:58pm 03-06-2017
Inspired.. from ARK girl to another...
Th3leah@ 5:53pm 12-31-2016
Hi I'm a big fan of you, i'm inspired by you and i hope to draw like you some day. Follow me on instagram and snapchat it's the same.
Trevor@ 12:25pm 12-25-2016
Mary Tolentino@ 10:21am 12-12-2016
Hi Cyrene,
Inday here. The cover looks amazing and I can hardly wait to explore.
Andy Warhol meets Snow White
Hiya@ 6:25pm 11-28-2016
You're awesome
Rose Bobo@ 10:36pm 01-08-2016
Happy to know that all is going well. Keep up the good work. Keep in touch. Blessings to you....
Tim@ 8:47pm 10-11-2015
I think that you do such a great job you should win all the art competitions in the WORLD. You are amazing. whats your favorite color?
Drake@ 8:42pm 10-11-2015
Wow, you are a really good artist. good job. great work. good for you for being creative. i love your snapchat work.
Tom@ 4:49am 10-11-2015
Keep up the great stuff!
Anna@ 4:22pm 07-26-2015
Cyrene...Geri Novero (my mom-in-law) showed me your Channel 7 segment last night. We are caravanning to Naples, FL and I've been entertained and inspired by your FB posts, art, and clever and sweet nature. Love my extended Filipino family and excited to meet you one day soon in Arkansas! Keep up your joy and sweetness❤️...Anna
Dilara@ 7:40pm 07-25-2015
Thank you for inspiring me for doing more snapchat art. Your artwork is really cool!!
Laila Bukhari@ 1:21pm 07-16-2015
I followed you on snapchat a few months ago, and I just wanted to say that you are the most creative person I've ever seen. Your artwork is incredible, and you've turned a simple social media site, into a place where people can express themselves. I've also seen your paintings that are not on snapchat, and they are truly amazing. Keep up the great work.
ANNIE ALEM@ 2:06pm 06-15-2015
very interested

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