Christopher Smith @ 12:09pm 03-31-2011
You're an amazing artist Cyrene... #oneofakind
Jason Brown@ 1:58am 12-24-2010
I think its ok. If ok means absolutely amazing! ; p great job on the website and have a merry christmas!
Jennifer Ellis@ 12:28pm 12-18-2010
Your site and art are awesome!
Jessica Fawley@ 8:41am 12-18-2010
You're so awesome, Cyrene! I'm always so impressed by your websites, and what a facelift it got! Great job!
sam@ 11:04pm 12-17-2010
I liked your website good job
Aaron Cantu@ 11:49pm 08-07-2010
EvanRitchie@ 8:37pm 07-28-2010
Aslo- Love the assemblages! And the tribute to Link!
EvanRitchie@ 8:34pm 07-28-2010
Wow. You do everything I wish I was doing. Very very cool.
Also- get back to those drama reviews!
EdWIN@ 3:57am 07-01-2010
Hi Cyrene! You are amazing person and a very beautiful woman! Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you in Russia! Eduard Maximov.
mirnal@ 2:15am 06-24-2010
i injoy your work
Cathy@ 8:45pm 02-02-2010
Read your crowdspring interview also Wow, amazing job on all your art - you should definitely go for graphic dessign Keep up the good work!! I'm in college too but can only do art in my spare time, so thanks for being an inspiration <3
MDeloney@ 3:50pm 02-02-2010
Seen your crowdSpring interview, love your work and personality. Simply outstanding...
Klansee@ 10:59am 01-25-2010
You are an amazing artist! I enjoyed looking at all your paintings and 3-D pieces. You are blessed with many talents which gives inspiration to others. Continue to follow your passion and enjoy your creative gift.
Michael Bradford@ 10:45pm 12-09-2009
Hello Cyrene,

I noticed you in the UALR group on LinkedIn and thought I would check out your artwork. It's really good; you're quite talented.
Ling Fong@ 2:17pm 11-11-2009
Hi Cyrene!
I love your traditional artwork the best!! You are so talented and creative. I'm so happy to have a friend like you!

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