MDeloney@ 3:50pm 02-02-2010
Seen your crowdSpring interview, love your work and personality. Simply outstanding...
Klansee@ 10:59am 01-25-2010
You are an amazing artist! I enjoyed looking at all your paintings and 3-D pieces. You are blessed with many talents which gives inspiration to others. Continue to follow your passion and enjoy your creative gift.
Michael Bradford@ 10:45pm 12-09-2009
Hello Cyrene,

I noticed you in the UALR group on LinkedIn and thought I would check out your artwork. It's really good; you're quite talented.
Ling Fong@ 2:17pm 11-11-2009
Hi Cyrene!
I love your traditional artwork the best!! You are so talented and creative. I'm so happy to have a friend like you!
bruce song@ 8:42pm 11-08-2009
simply creative!
penny littleford@ 11:03am 10-09-2009
Hi Cyrene
Love your DOT phone, I'm in a wheelchair & often fall out; I'm holding out against wearing an alarm round my neck (although I Know it makes sense, who wants to be sensible?!). Where can I buy the phone?
Todd Stansbury@ 12:07pm 09-29-2009
Hi Cyrene,

Cool website. Very unique. I really like your "Vault" watch concept. You have a bright future. Good luck to you
Anthony Jones@ 11:51pm 08-14-2009
You are a very talented young woman. keep up the good work. You will go far
Alin Vasilas@ 8:03pm 07-27-2009
Nice web site - Cheers
Lee@ 10:49am 07-23-2009
Girl, you rock! Your talent and your ability to apply it just keep blowing me away!

I'm waiting for my cab to the airport at a hostel in Mexico City. Went to a Cuban salsa club last night with roommates from all over the world. I don't wanna go home! 10:22am 06-18-2009
Hi Cyrene,
I love your work and would like to add you to our database under digital media, video producers, and artists. I can add your link as soon as you give me permission to do so!
Eric C.@ 12:02pm 06-10-2009
Glad you got your updated site going. I like your digital illustrations the best. I'll keep you posted on when my site is going to be up. Paalam!
Allen Lunnie@ 11:39am 06-10-2009
Nice work. Good luck in the future as a designer!
chris gatewood@ 11:04am 06-10-2009
very cool website!!! your are soooo talented and creative!!
Tom@ 10:55am 06-10-2009
Wow... what an impressive site!

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