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Crisol reyes@ 3:35pm 07-21-2018
I love your art!!!
Aloquin@ 4:00pm 07-14-2018
Great w0rk! Keep it ⬆
John Marra@ 10:37pm 05-02-2018
Draw me pleaseeeee
Darrell@ 9:21pm 03-08-2018
I guess this is where I leave my mark
Þorbjörg (Iceland)@ 12:25pm 02-23-2018
Love your snapchat ❤️❤️
Noli Juanito Rosario@ 1:50pm 02-06-2018
Good job! You made your ancestral Filipinos proud.
Kiara Barrett@ 10:13pm 01-31-2018
I love your work!
Thomas Clancy@ 8:12am 01-28-2018
You’re doing some cool things. Keep up the great work.
michael finberg@ 6:27am 07-15-2017
Hi C

Nice job.

Maybe we can work together in a few years.

Abraham Beltran@ 1:33am 05-18-2017
Hey Cyrene!! I seriously love your work. You motivate me even more to pursue my career in Graphic Design. It would be a pleasure if I got to meet you some day. I live in Northwest Arkansas so maybe soon we might bump in to each other. Take care!
Vlad@ 12:36am 03-24-2017
What whatttt!
Daniel@ 11:12pm 03-08-2017
This is pretty cool!!!
Shana N Crittenden@ 3:58pm 03-06-2017
Inspired.. from ARK girl to another...
Th3leah@ 5:53pm 12-31-2016
Hi I'm a big fan of you, i'm inspired by you and i hope to draw like you some day. Follow me on instagram and snapchat it's the same.
Trevor@ 12:25pm 12-25-2016

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