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Nick Apps@ 5:24am 03-19-2015
Just popped by was cruising the 11thsecond thought id come learn a bit more about you (be nosey) very impressive and versatile
Grzegrzu@ 6:01am 03-09-2015
I found Your website after noticing Your awesome work on Snapchat. Just wanted to say You're so much talented, keep on good work!
Anna@ 3:58pm 02-25-2015
I found your website whilst searching through oil portraits for inspiration for my upcoming exams where I need to research artists in order to get higher grades - and your oil painting of you with a paintbrush held with pursed lips came up! I love it; just the style I was hoping to recreate! I hope you don't mind me printing out a couple as examples to show I have a form of inspiration. Many thanks! (The website is great by the way )
salliasnap@ 6:21pm 01-15-2015
I just found this guestbook. Get ready to pokemon battle soon Cyrene! Btw I was going to gift you an Ele plushie. You beat me to it!
Christian@ 10:48pm 11-01-2014
I love your Snapchat. it's inspiring. Do you use a stylus?
decalex@ 10:04pm 10-28-2014
I'm immediately a huge fan of your snapchat drawings, but have further seen that you're a terrific graphic designer. I look forward to seeing you do great things!
Emily Pimentel@ 4:00pm 10-15-2014
Your snapchat art is mind blowing! You should make an instagram account just for them!
Eileen@ 8:31pm 10-05-2014
You're drawings are amazing! I wish i was galwnted as you but I'm not. Good luck!
Markitos112@ 12:21pm 08-18-2014
Fantastic job on your website! Your artwork and creativity is unparalleled. Keep up the great work
Luke@ 10:37pm 03-23-2014
Hello, great to meet you. I stumbled across your website via prizerebel. Nice meeting you.
abram@ 12:37pm 03-07-2014
I visited your website.
king of dona juliana@ 3:32am 01-31-2014
why i dnt have a single one of ur obra maestra. dnt say i wll both it to u. i can afford itu
Malek Asfeer@ 11:25am 12-31-2013
AMAZING website. I enjoyed seeing your art. GO, Go Cyrene!!
Marty Smith@ 2:16pm 12-24-2013
Very cool website, Cyrene! You are amazing and always raise the bar higher.
Steve Niswanger@ 3:07pm 04-06-2013
Hi, Cyrene! I enjoyed seeing you again at Eggshibition last night. Thanks for your support of Youth Home with your art!

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