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Cindy Salisbury@ 12:44am 01-16-2013
Your artwork is amazing. Are you selling any of your artwork?
Nora Lawrence@ 5:58pm 05-16-2012
So wonderful to meet you today. I am looking forward to a delightful future with your creative input. N ;~)
Kundan Das@ 3:34pm 05-14-2012
Cyrene, impressive website and an immensely powerful and unique portfolio. Congrats on becoming an amazing designer.
Dominique Kelleybrew@ 2:10pm 03-15-2012
Not gonna lie... you're site is pretty awesome! I might have to develop my own soon! Thanks for the inspiration!
curlygrlconcepts@ 12:54pm 09-15-2011
You are a phenomenal artist! I have always loved your work! Keep it up! The world needs more imagination like yours!
Alroy@ 8:03am 09-08-2011
You are just so awesome!
Looking at your artworks gives me thoughts that I can't put down in words.
just amazing. Keep it up!
Cody Berry@ 6:18pm 08-06-2011
Your work is completely horrid lol I'm just kiddin' Cyrene, Your art is the perfect representation of you, beautiful and near perfection. I love it all!
Vivienne GE@ 8:59pm 07-19-2011
your works are amazing! I am so glad to know you!!! you will become a great artist!
TUJ@ 3:54pm 03-31-2011
we are proud of you
Christopher Smith @ 12:09pm 03-31-2011
You're an amazing artist Cyrene... #oneofakind
Jason Brown@ 1:58am 12-24-2010
I think its ok. If ok means absolutely amazing! ; p great job on the website and have a merry christmas!
Jennifer Ellis@ 12:28pm 12-18-2010
Your site and art are awesome!
Jessica Fawley@ 8:41am 12-18-2010
You're so awesome, Cyrene! I'm always so impressed by your websites, and what a facelift it got! Great job!
sam@ 11:04pm 12-17-2010
I liked your website good job
Aaron Cantu@ 11:49pm 08-07-2010

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